Program and Project manager

Program and Project manager

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I am an IT professional with 13 years of experience specializing in project management and agile coaching, a capable Scrum Master, Product Owner, Business Analyst, or Tester depending on the need of the hour. I have guided Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and teams in leveraging agile towards higher productivity and better outcomes. Mixing Agile and traditional approaches is how I lead projects end-to-end depending on team maturity and the overall context. Multi-workstream software development projects spanning across borders are my bread and butter – as is analyzing data, looking for improvements and implementing process changes. By taking initiative, I role-model proactive stance. An analytical and structured approach allows me to quickly learn, understand complex topics, create structure around chaos, and share back as needed – teach, prepare a response to an RFP, or get customer buy-in. I have been sometimes called the most technical non-DEV person around, as I jumped into the nitty gritty of the tickets with the DEVs.

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