Civil Engineer / Interior Designer

Civil Engineer / Interior Designer

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During my tenure as Co-founder and Senior Civil Engineer at Boulders Engineering, I led a team in executing over 15 residential and commercial projects, developing a comprehensive understanding of project management from ideation to post-construction phases. Utilizing a Construction as a Service (CaaS) approach, I ensured the seamless execution of projects, focusing on sustainability and CSR strategies such as optimized ventilation designs and Smart Home technologies to reduce energy consumption. My experience at Boulders Engineering also instilled in me the importance of maintaining a human-centered design approach, fostering open communication with clients to understand their spatial and stylistic preferences. This, coupled with my commitment to upholding Target Zero philosophy in operations, enabled me to deliver high-quality projects on schedule and within budget constraints. Prior to my entrepreneurial venture, I served as a Civil Site Engineer at the Academic Centre for Design and Consultancy, where I managed the operations and construction of residential medium-rise structures. My responsibilities included ensuring compliance with contractual obligations, providing technical guidance on structural repairs and design, and utilizing software tools like AutoCAD and SAP 2000 for technical drawings and plans.

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