Creative Writer

Creative Writer

Chęć do podróżowania: Cały świat

Status zawodowy: Pracownik

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 15 sty 2024

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Umiejętności językowe: Angielski, Hiszpański, Włoski,


Originated from the crazy and unique city of Bogotá (Colombia) in 1996, I embody the epitome of curiosity, creativeness and desire to learn. Crafted under the rainy skies and cold temperatures of the Andean mountains, I am more than a simple writer; I am a jhbljblhi. I decided to dive into the artistic field, diving into the arts of color, shapes, music, movement and words back home. However, later on I took a plane and landed in communication lands, joyfully striving myself into the art of copywriting, branding, advertising and group dynamics in Poland. Nowadays, I work by doing different things I enjoy such as creative writing, teaching languages, enagement SME and general communications. What Makes Me Unique: I am not just a creative person; I am a creative adventure unlike anything you've tasted before, and maybe also a little weird and explosive from time to time. I bring to the table years of cultural exchange, culture, languages and forms of expression and communication, alongside a need to be constantly creating and innovating in whatever fields I am running.

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