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I am from India. I was working in banking sector last 5 years. Currently shifted to warsawaza. I have my TRC. In banking I was Im finance department. Products which is handled by me in banking sector :- Facilities:- Cash Credit, Overdraft, Term loan, Gold Metal loan, LC, BG, PCFC etc which includes following activities:- ● Financial analysis of working capital needs of MSME and agri based customers. ● Understanding CIBIL reports and calculating working capital limits as per Bank norms ● Understanding the working capital requirements & business model of customers ● Also formulating credit appraisal for client with working capital limit between 1 Mn to 200 Mn ● Preparing/maintaining MIS reports and other statements with a view to apprise management of the process operations and assist in critical decision making Facilitating approval from various committees through standardization of proposal and consistent quality and also effectively addressing risks and mitigates. ● In-depth analysis of financial statements involving calculation/interpretation of key ratios ● Proactive approach in customer relationship management to ensure corrective actions for risk and fraud. ● Credit appraisal involving industry analysis, risk analysis of facility and limit assessment. ● Assessing the credit rating of borrowers and pricing of loan proposals ● Handling disbursements & sanctions as per RBI regulations & compliance measures ● Conducting Client’s visit for new acquisition and maintain existing relationship.

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