Junior Python Developer

Junior Python Developer

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Ostatnia aktualizacja: 5 wrz 2023

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Experienced Junior Python Developer | Image Processing Enthusiast | Automation & Data Analysis Learner An engineering graduate from Poznan University of Technology, specializing in image processing with OpenCV and Python. Proficient in various Python libraries including Pandas, Selenium, and Rest API integrations. During my studies, I carried out a lot of projects, including a simple game in C++ or a PID temperature controller on STM32. As part of my engineering work, I implemented real-time object position recognition based on camera readings using the OpenCV library. Before graduating, I embarked journey as a Backend Developer in a software house. I actively contributed to multiple projects. I had the opportunity to develop features, including a data parsing plugin and the seamless integration of DJI mobile SDK to extract telemetry data from drones. Now, I'm looking forward to strengthening my experience and deepening my knowledge in new projects related to my profession. Passionate about automation and data analysis, seeking diverse project experiences to broaden my skill set.

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