QA Tester

QA Tester

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Ostatnia aktualizacja: 27 paź 2023

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As an experienced QA Specialist, I bring a comprehensive skill set to the table, enabling me to excel in ensuring the quality and reliability of software solutions. My proficiency extends to various technical areas, making me a versatile asset to any project. I am well-versed in using Python for test automation, employing Selenium, Pytest, and other relevant libraries to design and execute effective test cases. My data analysis skills using Pandas, as well as my experience with PyGame, enable me to tackle complex scenarios and ensure the robustness of software systems. My capabilities aren't limited to traditional software testing. I can develop and implement Telegram bots using the Telegram Bot API, enhancing communication and automation capabilities for efficient project management. I have a strong understanding of web technologies and HTML, which helps me to assess web applications and ensure their performance and functionality meet high standards. My familiarity with version control systems like GitHub and containerization with Docker supports collaborative testing efforts. Database testing is another area where I shine, with a command of SQL, SQLite, and MySQL, which ensures data accuracy and efficiency. In the realm of software testing, I utilize Postman and TestRail for comprehensive test management, along with expertise in Agile methodologies such as Jira, SCRUM, and Rest API testing. I am well-versed in CI/CD practices, ensuring that software deployment aligns with established quality benchmarks. My adherence to object-oriented programming (OOP) principles and SOLID practices ensures that I design and execute test strategies that are scalable and maintainable. My unique value extends to hardware testing and diagnostics, as I possess the skills for computer assembly and hardware troubleshooting. This versatility means I can provide end-to-end quality assurance, whether it's for software or hardware components. If you're looking for a QA Specialist who can provide a holistic approach to quality assurance, ensuring software and hardware solutions meet the highest standards, I am ready to collaborate and help you achieve your quality goals

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