Front-end developer

Front-end developer

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Status zawodowy: Student

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 17 lut 2024

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Umiejętności językowe: Angielski,


I am currently searching for a new interesting project. I hope that you also need a talented and motivated front-end developer and would consider me as a candidate for this or a similar position. I developed my interest in technology early on. When I got my first computer, I learned how to install an operating system and explored the administrator rights: downloading different programs, configuring them, checking their capabilities. Therefore, I decided to get a technical education and finished a technical college as well as Sukhoi State Technical University. After finishing my studies and gathering some experience as an ITadministrator at the pharmaceutical branch, I decided to become a full-fledged member of the IT community, move to the IT industry and acquire a new specialization. My choice fell on the front-end development, because I value well-structured information representation and want to contribute to creating appealing and memorable applications.

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