Front/Back-End Developer

Front/Back-End Developer

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Status zawodowy: Student

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 9 lis 2023

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As a visionary founder and developer, Filip Wojda stands out with his commitment to innovation in the SaaS space, particularly with his advanced AI-driven video generation platform, He's not just a creator but a performance optimizer, having significantly accelerated video render times and enhanced system efficiency. His technical prowess extends to robust API integration, leveraging AWS services for security and performance boosts. His web development internship at Evergreen Investments showcases his capacity to lead in technology integration, improve business efficiency, and drive cloud-based solutions. Filip's academic background in computer science is marked by an impressive array of relevant courses and certifications, including AWS Cloud Practitioner. His active role in research, particularly in accelerating computational methods and enhancing medical imaging, demonstrates a profound capability to contribute to transformative projects. His leadership roles and extracurricular activities, such as serving as an NYC CEO Jobs Council Ambassador and a BMCC Student Government Association Senator, reflect his ability to influence, advocate, and lead with impact. Filip is poised to bring his technical acumen, innovative mindset, and leadership skills to any project, driving it towards success with his unique blend of passion and expertise.


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

2023 Stany Zjednoczone Ameryki Północnej

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